der Verbund LEsen Online SUEDbayern - LEO-SUED. Strangers in a Strange Land



Strangers in a Strange Land: Immigrant Stories is an anthology that explores immigration in poems, essays, and short stories by a diverse collection of authors who offer their own experiences, observations, and speculations.From searing poetry drawn from a Native American perspective to essays chronicling the marginalization of LGBT people, to the crime fiction of new Americans and writers whose ancestors were brought to the country in bondage, Strangers in a Strange Land examines the intersection of hope and despair that defines the immigrant experience.With works by Walter Koenig, Linda Rodriguez, Patricia Abbott, Teresa Roman, R.C. Barnes, James B. Nicola, Eric Beetner, Katherine Tomlinson, Heath Lowrance, Kimmy Dee, Mark Rogers, Sheikha A., Mark Hauer, Berkeley Hunt, Manuel Royal, Kathleen Alcalá, Christine Mathewson, Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw, Zoe Chang, and James L’Etoile.